Spotting place of airplane photograph around FRA/EDDA_フランクフルト空港周辺の撮影スポット紹介



Please refer to the following map regarding the best place for taking a photograph of airplane around the Frankfurt Airport(FRA/EDDA).


(1)Sample Picture of the spotting place 1

On the pedestrian bridge over the A5 express. Here is the best place to take the airplane photo near the RWY25 side.


Fra_013_2 Fra_028_2 Fra_016 Wal_081124_080_

(2)Sample Picture of the spotting place 2

This place is under constructuring now.(26,Dec., 2008) Taking the airplane photo for depurture on RWY25 is possible.


Fra_001 Fra_022 Fra_038

(3)Sample Picture of the spotting place 3 ターミナル2の見学デッキ

I think that here(flight deck of Terminal 2 ) is also one of the best place to take an airplane photo. But an admission fee is needed. We can enter into here from the gate near the Macdnald and take the photograph of the airplane which lands or takes off on RWY25 R/L. However, this position is always against sun.


Wal_081124_076_ Wal_081124_075__2 Wal_081124_071_

(4)Sample Picture of the spotting place 4

This place is parking lot on K823. It's possible to take the photograph of airplane which took off from the RWY25R/L. 200 to 400mm lense is necessary.



(5)Sample Picture of the spotting place 5 

There is a deck only for looking at an airplane here. The airplane which takes off from RWY07 passes with roar in front of us.

ここには飛行機を見学するためのデッキがあります。 RWY18を離陸する機体が目の前を轟音とともに通過します。大型機も頻繁に離陸します。

Wal_081124_043_ Wal_081124_063__2 Wal_081124_064_


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